Flexural Behavoiur of the Composite Sandwich Panels with Novel and Regular Corrugated Cores

  • V. Daliri
  • A. ZeinediniEmail author


One of the main disadvantages of the regular sinusoidal corrugated core sandwich panels is dependency of their bending properties on its arrangement. To resolve the disadvantage, a bi-directional sinusoidal corrugated core panel was proposed. Hence, the influence of the waves number on the flexural properties of the panels with bi-directional or regular corrugated cores was studied. The pattern of each corrugated core consists of cosine curve with certain period and amplitude. Four different periods (T = 30, 37.5, 50 and 75 mm) were considered for the corrugated cores. Moreover, possible arrangements (transvers or longitudinal wave, arch downward or upward) of the regular corrugated cores with respect to the flexural loading direction were regarded. It was observed that the panel having the core with T = 37.5 mm has the highest specific energy absorption among the bi-directional corrugated core structures. The specific energy absorption of the novel corrugated core panels is improved as compared to the regular core with transverse arrangement.


Bi-directional corrugated core Laminated composites Flexural loading Sandwich panel 



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