African Archaeological Review

, Volume 36, Issue 3, pp 443–446 | Cite as

Bernard Clist, Pierre de Maret, and Koen Bostoen (Eds.): Une archéologie des provinces septentrionales du royaume Kongo

Oxford, Archaeopress, 2018, xxii +479 pp., ISBN-13: 978-1784919726
  • James DenbowEmail author
Book Review

This hefty 1.4-kg, 479-page book is the product of five years of multidisciplinary research by specialists in fields ranging from archaeology, linguistics, climate and environmental change, biological anthropology, and pollen and charcoal analysis to European glass beads, Christian religious relics, Portuguese faience and earthenware, and European firearms and swords. Funded by a grant of over 1.4 million euros from the European Research Council, the study is an impressive tour de force exemplifying the best of detailed processual archaeological approaches combined with studies of historical linguistics, historical documents, human remains, and much more. The stated aims of the project (p. 1–2) are broad and include the following: (1) to reconstruct the origins and ancient history of the Kongo kingdom; (2) to study the development and social and political history of the emergence of urbanism in central Africa; (3) to protect, conserve, and valorize the fragile material and immaterial...



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