Hélène Jousse: Atlas of Mammal Distribution Through Africa from the LGM (~ 18 KA) to Modern Times, The Zooarchaeological Record

Oxford, Archaeopress, 2017, 311 pp., ISBN 978-1-78491-540-7
  • Annie R. AntonitesEmail author
Book Review

Atlas of Mammal Distribution through Africa was completed as part of a postdoctoral tenure by Hélène Jousse, an experienced Africanist zooarchaeologist, who has worked on several projects in West Africa and Namibia. The book aims to provide an overview of mammalian species’ distribution across the African continent over a period of about 20,000 years—from the Last Glacial Maximum (LGM, ~18 ka) to the present—based on zooarchaeological data published up to 2009. The book expands upon similar studies done on a somewhat smaller scale (e.g., Gauthier and Van Neer 2005; Plug and Badenhorst 2001). Jousse proposes that the book will assist Africanist scholars in addressing a range of topics from human subsistence economy and behavior to paleoecology and modern ecology.

The book gives a brief overview of the methods used to collect, capture, and prepare the data for application on a GIS platform. Limitations to the data and problems encountered with data collection are also discussed. An...



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