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In This Issue

Lyme Disease Risk Mitigation in Fennoscandia

Terraube assesses and synthesizes the current evidence on the links between predator–prey interactions, protected areas, and spatial variations in Lyme disease risk, in Fennoscandia. There is an urgent need to find possible win–win solutions for biodiversity conservation and human health in ecosystems facing rapid global environmental change.

Linking Flood-Prone Neighborhoods to Zika

Yee et al. investigated whether nutrient-enriched flood water and leaf detritus could provide pulses of supplemental nutrients to local mosquito populations. Their study provides intriguing evidence that nutrient inputs can influence viral acquisition by mosquito vectors and suggests management actions to reduce flooding and improve water quality could complement more traditional vector control methods.

Mosquito Infestation in Panama City

Here, Whiteman et al. compare infestation levels of both Ae. aegypti and Ae. albopictusin four socioeconomically...

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