Posterior vitreous detachment in patients with diabetes mellitus

  • Ken HayashiEmail author
  • Tatsuhiko Sato
  • Shin-ichi Manabe
  • Akira Hirata
  • Koichi Yoshimura
Clinical Investigation



To compare the progression of posterior vitreous detachment (PVD) during aging among eyes of diabetics with diabetic retinopathy (DR), eyes of diabetics without DR, and eyes of nondiabetics.

Study design

Prospective cross-sectional study.


One-hundred thirty-three diabetic eyes with DR (DR group), 254 diabetic eyes without DR (non-DR group), and 577 nondiabetic eyes (nondiabetic group) were divided into four age categories: 1) 40-49 years, 2) 50-59 years, 3) 60-69 years, and 4) 70-79 years. The PVD state was examined using swept source-optical coherence tomography and classified into five stages: 0 (non PVD), 1 (paramacular PVD), 2 (perifoveal PVD), 3 (vitreofoveal separation), and 4 (complete PVD).


The PVD stage significantly progressed in the DR, non-DR, and nondiabetic groups (p <0.0001). At 40-49 and 50-59 years, the PVD stage did not differ significantly among the three groups. At 60-69 and 70-79 years, the PVD stage was significantly less progressed in the DR than the non-DR and nondiabetic groups (p ≤0.0027), and did not differ significantly between the non-DR and nondiabetic groups. At 70-79 years, complete PVD was detected in 40.6% of eyes in the DR group, 69.6% in the non-DR group, and 73.5% of eyes in the nondiabetic group.


PVD progresses later in diabetic eyes with DR than in diabetic eyes without DR and nondiabetics eyes at 60 and 70 years of age, suggesting a stronger vitreomacular adhesion in diabetics with DR.


Diabetes mellitus Diabetic retinopathy Posterior vitreous detachment Swept source-optical coherence tomography 



The authors thank SciTechEdit International (Highlands Ranch, CO, USA) for editorial assistance, and Kozi Yonemoto, PhD (Ryukyu University, Okinawa, Japan) for statistical assistance.

Conflicts of interest

K. Hayashi, None; T. Sato, None; S. Manabe, None; A. Hirata, None; K. Yoshimura, None.


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