Fovea-sparing internal limiting membrane peeling versus complete internal limiting membrane peeling for myopic traction maculopathy

  • Masanori IwasakiEmail author
  • Hirotomo Miyamoto
  • Utako Okushiba
  • Hiroko Imaizumi
Clinical Investigation



To compare the outcomes of vitrectomy with fovea-sparing internal limiting membrane peeling (FSIP) and complete internal limiting membrane peeling (ILMP) for myopic traction maculopathy (MTM).

Study design

A retrospective, observational study.

Patients and methods

In this study, we included 22 eyes of 21 consecutive patients who underwent vitrectomy with FSIP or ILMP for MTM and were monitored for at least 6 months. Eleven eyes were treated with FSIP, and 11, with ILMP.


With FSIP, the postoperative best-corrected visual acuity (BCVA) significantly improved from 0.61 (20/82) to 0.34 (20/44; P = .009) logarithm of the minimum angle of resolution (logMAR) units. With ILMP, the postoperative BCVA improved from 0.65 (20/89) to 0.52 (20/66) logMAR units, but was not significant (P = .106). The postoperative final central foveal thickness (CFT) reduced significantly after FSIP (from 557.6 to 128.8 µm, P = .003) and ILMP (from 547.3 to 130.3 µm, P = .008). The postoperative incidence of a macular hole was 0% (0/11 eyes) with FSIP and 27.3% (3/11 eyes) with ILMP. All patients with a macular hole had foveal detachment in association with a thin fovea preoperatively. With ILMP, postoperative BCVA with a macular hole worsened by −3.5 letters; in contrast, postoperative BCVA without a macular hole improved by +10.5 letters. With FSIP, postoperative BCVA without a macular hole significantly improved by +13.5 letters (P = .009).


FSIP resulted in significant improvement in MTM and prevented postoperative macular hole development.


Foveola internal limiting membrane nonpeeling Fovea-sparing internal limiting membrane peeling Myopic foveoschisis Myopic traction maculopathy Vitreous surgery 


Conflicts of interest

M. Iwasaki, None; H. Miyamoto, None; U. Okushiba, None; H. Imaizumi, None.


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  1. 1.Department of OphthalmologySapporo City General HospitalSapporoJapan
  2. 2.Okushiba Eye ClinicSapporoJapan

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