Erratum to: Role of German-speaking scholars in the development of pathology in Turkey

  • Nadir PaksoyEmail author

Erratum to:

Wien Med Wochenschr 2019

Unfortunately, the legend of Fig. 2 contained a mistake. Please find the correct one below.
Fig. 2

Sigmund Spitzer (1813–1894) from Vienna. Professor of Anatomy by 1839 and Director of the Imperial Medical School, Galata Serai, Istanbul from 1839 to 1850. (From the collections of the Medical University of Vienna. Reprinted with permission from Professor Gulten Dinç, Head of the Department History of Medicine, Istanbul-Cerrahpasa University, Medical Faculty)

The correct year dates of Dr. Rigler’s stay in Istanbul, published on page 4 of the original version, must be as follows:

Dr. Lorenz Rigler, (1815–1862), who was sent to Istanbul by the Austrian government for the organization of Turkish military hospitals, worked as a lecturer at the medical school between 1849 and 1856.

The name of Prof. Philipp Schwartz has been represented erroneously in a false spelling. The correct spelling is Prof. Philipp Schwartz.

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