Crop Load Management with Blossom Thinners in ’Redchief’ Apple and Their Effects on Fruit Mineral Composition

  • Emel KaçalEmail author
  • Gökhan Öztürk
  • İbrahim Gür
  • Melih Aydınlı
  • Hakkı Koçal
  • Mesut Altındal
  • Adnan N. Yıldırım
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The aim of this study was to determine the effect of ammonium thiosulphate (ATS) and potassium thiosulphate (KTS) on crop load, fruit quality and fruit mineral content of the eight-year-old ‘Redchief’/M26 apple. Seven different treatments were performed in the study as ATS (1%, 2%, 3%), KTS (1%, 2%, 3%) and hand thinning (after June drop) except for unthinned control. Thinning treatments were carried out as single application in full bloom period. Hand thinning and 3% ATS treatments were the best practices to increase fruit quality (diameter, weight). The fruit set ratio among the applications varied between 13.20% (2% ATS) and 23.46% (1% ATS). Yield was lowest in 2% and 3% ATS. Thinning with ATS was found more effective compared to KTS. The lowest Fe, Cu and Zn elements were determined in 2% ATS application, and the difference between the applications in terms of other elements was found to be insignificant. Phytotoxic effect was not observed for any ATS or KTS doses. As a result, flower thinners can be used as an alternative to hand thinning to improve fruit quality in ‘Redchief’ variety.


Ammonium thiosulphate Fruit size Yield Malus x domestica Thinning 

Fruchtbehangsregulierung durch Blütenausdünnung in Apfelanlagen der Sorte ‘Redchief’ und ihre Auswirkungen auf die Mineralstoffzusammensetzung in der Frucht


Ammoniumthiosulfat Fruchtgröße Ertrag Malus x domestica Ausdünnung 


Conflict of interest

E. Kaçal, G. Öztürk, İ. Gür, M. Aydınlı, H. Koçal, M. Altındal and A.N. Yıldırım declare that they have no competing interests.


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  • Emel Kaçal
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    Email author
  • Gökhan Öztürk
  • İbrahim Gür
  • Melih Aydınlı
  • Hakkı Koçal
  • Mesut Altındal
  • Adnan N. Yıldırım
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  1. 1.Fruit Research InstituteEğirdir, IspartaTurkey
  2. 2.Department of Horticulture, Faculty of Agricultural Sciences and TechnologiesIsparta University of Applied SciencesIspartaTurkey

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