The Effects of Drying Parameters on Drying Characteristics, Colorimetric Differences, Antioxidant Capacity and Total Phenols of Sliced Kiwifruit

  • Hakan O. Mengeş
  • Ahmet Ünver
  • Mehmet Musa Özcan
  • Can ErtekinEmail author
Original Article


The influence of drying parameters on drying characteristics, colorimetric differences, antioxidant capacity and total phenols of sliced kiwifruit were researched. The kiwi fruits dried between 2.6 h and 12.1 h for different drying conditions. Total phenol content of dried fruits were ranged from 2.03–2.71 mg GAE/L. Free radical scavenging activity were varied from 26.04% to 40.91%. The effect of different drying temperatures were not very effective on the total phenol content of kiwi fruits. But, the free radical scavenging activity were variable. While L* value were in the range of 51.41 and 72.90, the a* value were ranged between −8.22 and 3.47 and the b* value between 22.24 and 40.37. The most suitable model is Midilli et al. model with low RMSE, reduced chi-square and high modeling efficiency values. While the effective diffusivity ranged between 2.63 × 10−10 and 1.29 × 10−9 m2.s−1, the activation energy was between 28.51 and 34.16 kJ mol−1.


Kiwifruit Total phenol Radical scavenging activity Colour Drying 

Auswirkungen verschiedener Trocknungsparameter auf Trocknungsverhalten, kolorimetrische Unterschiede, antioxidative Kapazität und Gesamtphenolgehalt von in Scheiben geschnittenen Kiwifrüchten


Kiwi Gesamtphenolgehalt Radikalfänger-Eigenschaft Farbe Trocknung 



The authors wish to thank Selcuk and Akdeniz Universities Scientific Research Project Units.

Conflict of interest

H.O. Mengeş, A. Ünver, M.M. Özcan and C. Ertekin declare that they have no competing interests.


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    • 1
  • Ahmet Ünver
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  • Mehmet Musa Özcan
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  • Can Ertekin
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  2. 2.Department of Food Engineering, Faculty of AgricultureUniversity of SelcukKonyaTurkey
  3. 3.Department of Agricultural Machinery, Faculty of AgricultureUniversity of AkdenizAntalyaTurkey

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