Preharvest Application Effect of Salicylic Acid and Calcium Nitrate on Physicochemical Characteristics of Fresh Jujube Fruit (Ziziphus jujuba. Mill) During Storage

  • H. Zeraatgar
  • G. H. DavarynejadEmail author
  • F. Moradinezhad
  • B. Abedi
Original Article


The present study was conducted on Chinese jujube (Ziziphus jujuba Mill.) in order to investigate the effects of preharvest application of salicylic acid and calcium nitrate on total soluble solids, titrable acidity, fruit firmness, total soluble solids/titrable acidity, electrolyte leakage, weight loss, pH, fruit length, fruit width, seed length, and seed diameter. Results indicated that salicylic acid and calcium nitrate increased fruit firmness, titrable acidity and reduced total soluble solids/titrable acidity, ion leakage and weight loss, but fruit width was increased only by calcium nitrate and total soluble solids was reduced only by salicylic acid. Fruit length, seed length, seed diameter and pH were not significantly changed. Maximum fruit firmness (4.22 N) was obtained in treatment containing calcium nitrate 2%. Treatment containing salicylic acid 2 mM and calcium nitrate 2% had the highest amount of titrable acidity (0.45 mg/100g FW). The lowest ion leakage (29.26%) and the highest fruit width (16.6 mm), observed in calcium nitrate 2%. Treatment containing salicylic acid 4 mM had the lowest amount of total soluble solids/titrable acidity (57.01) and weight loss (3.78%). The lowest TSS content (23.11%) observed in salicylic acid 4 mM. Based on the results salicylic acid and calcium nitrate played an important role in maintaining and extending post-harvest quality of fresh jujube fruit and could cause at least a 10-day delay in the reduction of the amounts of these attributes.


Agro-chemical substance Cell wall rigidity Fruit texture Ripening process Storage life 

Auswirkung der Vorerntebehandlung mit Salicylsäure und Calciumnitrat auf Frischobst der Chinesischen Jujube (Ziziphus jujuba. Mill) während der Lagerung


Agro-chemischer Wirkstoff Zellwandstabilität Textur der Frucht Reifungsprozess Lagerzeit 


Conflict of interest

H. Zeraatgar, G.H. Davarynejad, F. Moradinezhad and B. Abedi declare that they have no competing interests.


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  • G. H. Davarynejad
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  • F. Moradinezhad
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  • B. Abedi
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  2. 2.Faculty of Horticultural ScienceFerdowsi UniversityMashhadIran
  3. 3.Faculty of Horticultural ScienceBirjand UniversityBirjandIran

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