Metal–Organic Frameworks in Solid-Phase Extraction Procedures for Environmental and Food Analyses

  • Priscilla Rocío-Bautista
  • Veronica TermopoliEmail author
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  1. Recent Trends in Solid-Phase Extraction for Environmental, Food and Biological Sample Preparation


Environmental and food analysis usually require the use of sample preparation steps, with significant utilization of solid-phase extraction techniques. This review article covers recent trends in the use of metal–organic frameworks (MOFs) as novel sorbents, with particular emphasize on miniaturized methods to follow green analytical chemistry principles. Thus, the use of MOFs in miniaturized solid-phase extraction (µSPE), performed in static off-line and on-line modes, and solid-phase microextraction (SPME), including the on-line procedures of in-tube and on-disk approaches, will be described with particular emphasis on the specific applications.


Metal–organic frameworks Static solid-phase microextraction Miniaturized techniques Sample preparation 


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