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Wing Shin Ho: Active Phytochemicals from Chinese Herbal Medicines: Anti-Cancer Activities and Mechanisms

  • John EdmondsonEmail author
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With a focus on cancer therapy, this book explores the ways in which conventional treatments can be combined with traditional Chinese herbal extracts to produce better outcomes. This is an innovative approach, as most accounts focus on one or other aspect. Chapters on combination drugs and plant-derived compounds known to be active against cancer are accompanied by others on the therapeutic benefits of phytochemicals, the mechanisms of cancer drug actions, and the ways in which they inhibit cancer growth.

The book also covers other areas such as the treatment and prevention of dementia; eight plant extracts are listed as showing promising effects either for cognitive symptoms, behavioural and psychological symptoms, or for cholinesterase inhibition.

Although this book is aimed primarily at research-level pharmacists, it also serves as a useful introduction to Chinese traditional medicine for a western audience including medical students. Each chapter has a full list of references, including many by Chinese authors, and the appendix contains a list of selected phytochemicals along with their chemical formulae.

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