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Bruce A. Elleman. Modern Chinese Warfare, 1795–1989

London: Routledge 2001. 363 pages. ISBN 0-415-21474-2. US$ 130
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Book Review

This encyclopaedic volume puts Chinese warfare of the last 200 years in the context of Chinese dynastic change—the decline of the Qing dynasty, war and interwar chaos (1911–47), and the rise of the new CCP dynasty. It reviews the background, the conduct of warfare and the consequences of 24 major and minor wars in which Chinese armies were involved: the repression of domestic uprisings—notably of ethnic minorities and contiguous colonies-, the struggle against foreign invaders and the attempt to correct disputed borders in China’s favour. Elleman concludes that these wars prove China’s imperialist designs. This is not entirely convincing. They rather show aggressive approaches against organized dissent and in its internal colonization, asserting often spurious border claims and attempts to resubmit erstwhile dependent client states (Vietnam, Korea, and Mongolia) into resubmission. Such policies are those of an aggressive regional hegemon—born perhaps largely out of fears of...


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