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Thoracic Lymph Node Map App Review

  • Andres ElovicEmail author
  • Ali Pourmand

App Specs

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App Name: Thoracic Lymph Node Map

App Developer: RADIOLOGiQ, LLC

App Developer Website:

App Price: Free

Apple App Store URL:

Google Play Store URL: N/A

Category: Medical, Educational

Tags: Thoracic, Lymph Nodes, Free

Compatibility: Requires iOS 10.0 or later. Compatible with Apple devices.

Works Offline: Y

FDA Approval: N/A

Promotion Code: N/A

Quick Review

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Overall rating (1–5): 4.5

Content (1–5): 5

Usability (1–5): 4

Pros: This app allows immediate access to color-coded CT lymph node map of the thorax, while showing with ease the anatomical borders and relationship between different regional lymph nodes.

Cons: When at first downloading the app, the image might be a little confusing to figure out, how to move the CT images and what the different colors...


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