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App Review Series: Doximity

  • Justin Scott Buro


Doximity, Inc. has done an excellent job combining their massive medical network with in app features that attempt to streamline the workflow of all healthcare professionals. From easy communication with colleagues, access to a treasure trove of relevant information, and the ability to call patients without the fear of giving away one’s private cell phone, all from a clean and simple UI, Doximity is truly an essential tool in the workplace. Unfortunately, the Doximity app cannot be accessed unless you are a healthcare professional. While the application is intended to be a means of communication with colleagues, the app lacks proper messaging features that could allow for consistent workday communication with team members. Fortunately, the application is built on feedback from users, so any desired features are likely already coming down the pipeline. In creating this application, Doximity, Inc. sets out to tackle one of the biggest issues facing healthcare workers and the patients they treat: miscommunication and handoff errors. The Doximity application aims to do this by creating a platform that enables quick and easy communication between physicians, HIPPA-compatible document transfer, and a streamlined service to securely contact patients and colleagues.


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