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The 15th International Coloproctology Meeting (#IMOC2018) 16–18 April 2018, Turin, Italy

  • G. GalloEmail author
  • M. Trompetto
  • On Behalf of IMOC2018 Scientific Committee
Congress Report

The city of Turin welcomed more than 270 participants (48 coming from abroad), at the 15th International Coloproctology Meeting (#IMOC2018). Spring weather arrived as well.

During the meeting, all the most cutting edge issues in the field of coloproctology were discussed in depth and the presence of an impressive faculty resulted in lectures, discussions, debates and round tables of great quality. The high number of young surgeons, who presented 63 posters, has confirmed the interest of the new generation in the field of coloproctology.

Monday morning, the Congress got off to an exciting start. The first session, chaired by Roberto Polastri and John Nicholls, covered neoadjuvant therapy for rectal cancer, with Gina Brown, Anna Martling, Petr Tsarkov and Torbjörn Holm as speakers. There are still many questions to be answered about the best adjuvant therapy, levels of arterial ligation, and the need for more extended resection. Next, Bill Heald gave a lecture on TME for rectal cancer...


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