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Mediterranean Society of Coloproctology meeting report

  • X. DelgadilloEmail author
Congress Report

The Mediterranean Society of Coloproctology (MeSoCoP) recently held the 11th biennial meeting in its 20-year history. Thessaloniki, Greece, event, with many studies, presentations, and up-to-date information on colorectal diseases.

The congress began with an important course in stoma care for nurses and video sessions and free papers for young surgeons. During the meeting, many subjects were discussed and presented by brilliant speakers from many Mediterranean and European countries. Colorectal cancer was one of the main topics for general surgeons and coloproctologists. An excellent meta-analysis was reported by D. Karachalios (Greece) of adjuvant and neoadjuvant treatment for colorectal cancer. G. Theodoropoulos, G. Apostolopoulos, and Th. Theodosopoulos all from Athens gave relevant conclusions for daily surgical practice. M. Pramateftakis commented on the results of the eTHoS study comparing PPH with hemorrhoidectomy, concluding that stapled hemorrhoidopexy was associated with a...


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