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Gender disparity in academic emergency radiology

  • Frank BattagliaEmail author
  • Samad Shah
  • Sabeena Jalal
  • Kiran Khurshid
  • Nupur Verma
  • Savvas Nicolaou
  • Sravanthi Reddy
  • Susan John
  • Faisal Khosa
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This study is intended to better understand how academic productivity and career advancement differs between men and women emergency radiologists in academic practices.

Materials and methods

Parameters of academic achievement were measured, including number of citations, number of publications, and h-index, while also collecting information on academic and leadership ranking among emergency radiologists in North America.


In emergency radiology, there are significantly fewer women than men (22.2% vs 77.8%). Of these women, the greatest proportion of women held the lower academic rank of assistant professor (95.4%). Female assistant professors had a higher h-index than men at the same rank (4 vs 2), but it was not statistically significantly higher. There was no significant difference between gender and academic (p = 0.089) or leadership (p = 0.586) rankings.


This study provides further evidence that gender disparity persists in emergency radiology, with women achieving less upward academic career mobility than men, despite better academic productivity in the earlier stages of their careers. The academic productivity of emergency radiologists at the rank of assistant professor is significantly higher for women than men.


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The authors declare that they have no conflicts of interest.


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  1. 1.Faculty of MedicineUniversity of OttawaOttawaCanada
  2. 2.Department of RadiologyUniversity of British ColumbiaVancouverCanada
  3. 3.Department of RadiologyUniversity of FloridaGainesvilleUSA
  4. 4.Department of RadiologyUniversity of Southern CaliforniaLos AngelesUSA
  5. 5.Department of RadiologyUniversity of Texas John P and Kathrine G McGovern Medical SchoolHoustonUSA

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