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Effects of low-level laser therapy on the organization of articular cartilage in an experimental microcrystalline arthritis model

  • Airton Luiz Felizatti
  • Fernando Russo Costa do Bomfim
  • Julia Leme Bovo
  • Andrea Aparecida de Aro
  • Maria Esméria Corezzola do Amaral
  • Marcelo Augusto Marretto EsquisattoEmail author
Original Article


The aim of this study was to evaluate the effects of low-level laser therapy using the gallium arsenide laser (λ = 830 nm) on the articular cartilage (AC) organization from knee joint in an experimental model of microcrystalline arthritis in adult male Wistar rats. Seventy-two animals were divided into three groups: A (control), B (induced arthritis), and C (induced arthritis + laser therapy). The arthritis was induced in the right knee using 2 mg of Na4P2O7 in 0.5 mL of saline solution. The treatments were daily applied in the patellar region of the right knee after 48 h of induction. On the 7th, 14th, and 21st days of treatment, the animals were euthanized and their right knees were removed and processed for structural and biochemical analysis of the AC. The chondrocytes positively labeled for the TUNEL reaction were lower in C than in B on the 14th and 21st days. The content of glycosaminoglycans and hydroxyproline in A and C was higher than B on the 21st day. The amount of tibial TNF-α in B and C was lower than in A. The amount of tibial BMP-7 in B and C was higher than in A. The femoral MMP-13 was lower in B and C than for A. The tibial TGF-β for C was higher than the others. The femoral ADAMT-S4 content of A and C presented similar and inferior data to B on the 21st day. The AsGa-830 nm therapy preserved the content of glycosaminoglycans, reduced the cellular changes and the inflammatory process compared to the untreated group.


Pseudogout Photobiomodulation Tissue repair Inflammatory process 


Funding information

The authors thank the financial support of the Hermínio Ometto Foundation (FHO).

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Conflict of interests

The authors have no conflict of interest.

Ethical approval

This study met the Guidelines for Care and Use of Animal Models and was approved by the Ethics Committee in Animal Experimentation of the FHO (Protocol no. 048/2015).


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  • Julia Leme Bovo
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  • Andrea Aparecida de Aro
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  • Maria Esméria Corezzola do Amaral
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  • Marcelo Augusto Marretto Esquisatto
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