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Jean-Alexandre Barré (1880–1967): his detection sign of subtle paresis due to pyramidal deficit (1919) and his work in line with that of Giovanni Mingazzini (1859–1929)

  • Marleide da Mota GomesEmail author
History of Neurology


This is a paper about the development of a sensitive examination of subtle motor pyramidal deficits. Jean-Alexandre Barré’s life and work are reappraised, and also his milieu prone to increase his clinical skillfulness and sharping many motor maneuvers on subtle motor deficits (1919, 1920, 1937). Giovanni Mingazzini is also remembered by his precursor publication of “small signs” about organic paresis (1913), and by his neuroanatomical background, in an Italian Neuropsychiatric milieu, at the time.


Neurology World War I Pyramidal deficit Paresis Barré’s sign Mingazzini’s sign 


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  2. 2.Instituto de Neurologia Deolindo CoutoUniversidade Federal do Rio de JaneiroRio de JaneiroBrazil

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