Ischemic stroke due to sarcoidosis: the arterial wall enhancement on magnetic resonance imaging

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Sarcoidosis is a multisystem granulomatous disorder that primarily affects the lungs and lymph nodes, followed by the skin, liver, eyes, heart, and musculoskeletal system. Symptomatic neurological manifestation occurs only in approximately 5% of sarcoidosis patients, including cranial mononeuropathy, intracranial or spinal cord mass, hydrocephalus, limb peripheral neuropathy, and stroke [1, 2, 3]. Although stroke is a rare complication, in the pathological studies, sarcoid granulomas tend to affect the leptomeninges, Virchow–Robin perivascular spaces, and adventitia of cerebral arteries with occasional invasions to the media and intima [4]. The damage to the vasculatures provokes ischemic and hemorrhagic strokes. In particular, ischemic stroke has become increasingly detectable with the advent of diffusion-weighted magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) and the lesion is typically small because sarcoid granulomas preferentially affect small- and medium-sized arteries [4]. Here,...


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