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Gene and miRNA expression in giant cell arteritis—a concise systematic review of significantly modified studies

  • Tadeja KuretEmail author
  • Blaž BurjaEmail author
  • Julia Feichtinger
  • Gerhard G. Thallinger
  • Mojca Frank-Bertoncelj
  • Katja Lakota
  • Polona Žigon
  • Snezna Sodin-SemrlEmail author
  • Saša Čučnik
  • Matija Tomšič
  • Alojzija Hočevar
Review Article
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  1. Rheumatology in Slovenia: Clinical practice and translational research


Giant cell arteritis (GCA) is a systemic vasculitis in individuals older than 50 years, characterized by headaches, visual disturbances, painful scalp, jaw claudication, impairment of limb arteries, and systemic inflammation, among other symptoms. GCA diagnosis is confirmed by a positive temporal artery biopsy (TAB) or by imaging modalities. A prominent acute phase response with inflammation is the hallmark of the disease, predominantly targeting large- and medium-sized arteries leading to stenosis or occlusion of arterial lumen. To date, there are no reliable tissue markers specific for GCA. Scarce reports have indicated the importance of epigenetics in GCA. The current systematic review reports significantly changed candidate biomarkers in TABs of GCA patients compared to non-GCA patients using qPCR.


Giant cell arteritis Temporal artery biopsy Vasculitis miRNA mRNA expression 



Funding for this work was obtained from the Slovenian Research Agency for the National Research Programme #P3-0314, the Austrian Ministry of Science, Research and Economy (HSRSM project OMICS Center Graz), and the Austrian Science Fund (FWF): T923-B26.

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