Regenerating a ventricular cavity during left ventricular assist device implantation

  • Ozge AltasEmail author
  • Tanil Ozer
  • Mustafa Mert Ozgur
  • Sabit Sarikaya
  • Kaan Kirali
Case Report Artificial Heart (Clinical)


Ten months after an ineffective percutaneous coronary stent placement, a 53-year-old patient was rehospitalized with NYHA functional class IV congestive heart failure, ischemic heart disease and left ventricular aneurysm. Echocardiography revealed thrombus formation in the left ventricle with apical aneurysm. Even though left ventricular assist device (LVAD) implantation improves quality of patients’ lives with an increase of its overall use, it becomes more complicated in the presence of ventricular thrombus. We decided to perform ventricular reconstruction with thrombus extraction concomitant to HeartMate 3™ LVAD implantation. The patient was recovered uneventfully, and discharged on postoperative day 14. This report shares the patient’s case and the surgical procedure.


Heart aneurysm Heart failure Heart-assist devices Reconstructive surgical procedures 


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