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Wavelength modulation in a two-window common path interferometer for phase-shifting

  • Uriel Rivera-OrtegaEmail author
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A novel and simple method for phase-shifting under the scheme of a two-window 4f common path interferometer configuration with a binary grating at the Fourier plane is proposed. The proposal is based on periodicity variations of the grating grooves in the frequency space, which is emulated in an experimental implementation by changing the wavelength of a tunable laser diode used as the light source. Because of the common path configuration, it is expected to diminish errors due to undesired vibrations and optical aberrations. The viability of the proposal will be sustained with simulated and experimental, which include phase-shifted interferograms and reconstructed wavefronts. Due to the characteristics of the proposed experimental setup, it can be easily replicated and automated.

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  1. 1.Strategic Planning and Direction of TechnologyUniversidad Popular Autónoma del Estado de PueblaPueblaMexico

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