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Evaluation of one- and two-parameter models for estimation of void ratio of binary sand mixtures deposited by dry pluviation

  • Mintae Kim
  • Hoyoung SeoEmail author
Original Paper


Dry pluviation is one of the most widely used methods to prepare granular soil samples at target void ratios for laboratory testing. This study experimentally investigates packing characteristics of binary sand mixtures deposited by dry pluviation with various mixing ratios and particle size ratios. Two theoretical models for estimating void ratios of binary mixtures are critically reviewed and presented in a coherent framework. Performances of these models are evaluated by comparing the predicted void ratios from the models against the measured void ratios obtained from a series of pluviation tests. We further propose empirical equations that can be used to determine the model parameters. This study demonstrates that the existing models with the model parameters obtained from the empirical equations provide reasonable estimates of void ratios of binary sand mixtures deposited by pluviation.


Binary sand mixture Void ratio Pluviation Empirical model 


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