Effects of indium, gallium, or bismuth additions on the discharge behavior of Al-Mg-Sn-based alloy for Al-air battery anodes in NaOH electrolytes

  • Zibin Wu
  • Haitao ZhangEmail author
  • Cheng Guo
  • Jing Zou
  • Ke Qin
  • Chunyan Ban
  • Hiromi Nagaumi
Original Paper


In this paper, the electrochemical performances of Al 0.5-Mg 0.1-Sn (wt%), Al 0.5-Mg 0.1-Sn 0.05 In (wt%), Al 0.5-Mg 0.1-Sn 0.05 Ga (wt%) and Al 0.5-Mg 0.1-Sn 0.05 Bi (wt%) alloys were investigated through electrochemical techniques and microstructure observation in 4 M NaOH solution. The results indicate that Al 0.5-Mg 0.1-Sn 0.05 In (wt%) alloy has the best discharge performance among all alloys, followed by Al 0.5-Mg 0.1-Sn 0.05-Bi (wt%) alloy, both of which is better than Al 0.5 Mg 0.1-Sn 0.05-Ga (wt%) alloy. This is due to the fact that the addition of indium to the Al 0.5-Mg 0.1-Sn-based alloy improves the discharge activity of the alloy while increasing its anodic efficiency. Although the addition of gallium or bismuth to this alloy increases the discharge activity, it reduces the efficiency of the anode, especially the addition of gallium resulting in severe intergranular corrosion of the alloy anode.


Aluminum alloy Discharge performance Discharge activity Anodic efficiency 



The authors received financial support from the National Natural Science Foundation of China (Grant No. U1864209) and National Natural Science Foundation of China-Liaoning Provincial People’s Government Joint Fund (Grant No. U1708253).


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  2. 2.Suzhou Research Institute for Nonferrous MetalsSuzhouChina

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