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Necrotizing fasciitis as a complication of osteonecrosis of the jaw related to oral bisphosphonate application in a patient with osteoporosis: a case report

  • David SteybeEmail author
  • Pit Jacob Voss
  • Michael Andreas Ermer
  • Marc Anton Fuessinger
  • Rainer Schmelzeisen
  • Philipp Poxleitner
Case Report



Necrotizing fasciitis has been reported as a complication secondary to bisphosphonate-related osteonecrosis of the jaw (BRONJ) in a low number of patients. The only report of such a case in an osteoporosis patient found in current literature was related to short-term bisphosphonate but long time corticosteroid and methotrexate treatment.

Case presentation

In this article, we report a case of necrotizing fasciitis secondary to osteonecrosis of the jaw related to long-term oral bisphosphonate treatment in an osteoporosis patient additionally suffering from poorly controlled type 2 diabetes. Diabetes mellitus not only has been reported to be a systemic risk factor regarding BRONJ but also to be the most common comorbidity in patients presenting with necrotizing fasciitis and to increase mortality of this condition. Necrotizing fasciitis and BRONJ in the patient could eventually be resolved by a surgical approach and intravenous antibiotic therapy.


The case presented suggests diabetes mellitus potentially having been an important factor in the particularly unfavorable course of therapy. It emphasizes the importance of an adequate therapy and surveillance of modifiable systemic risk factors like diabetes mellitus in patients being at risk for development of BRONJ. If necrotizing fasciitis is suspected, early diagnosis and aggressive surgical and medical management are essential to minimize morbidity and mortality.


Osteonecrosis of the jaw Necrotizing fasciitis Bisphosphonates Osteoporosis 


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