A theoretical exploration of the intermolecular interactions between resveratrol and water: a DFT and AIM analysis

  • A. SuvithaEmail author
  • N. S. VenkataramananEmail author
  • R. Sahara
  • Y. Kawazoe
Original Paper


The polyphenolic compound resveratrol, classified under stilbenes, offers a broad range of health advantages, including neuroprotection and playing a role in autophagy in the nervous system. However, resveratrol has poor water solubility and is soluble in the gel phase in liposomal membranes. The main aim of this work was to understand the nature of the interactions between resveratrol and water molecules. In the present study, we used the dispersion corrected density functional theory (DFT) method to study hydrogen bonding interactions. Eight different geometries of resveratrol-water complexes were identified by optimizing the geometries by placing water at various locations. We observed the two lowest energy structures to be isoenergetic. In most complexes, water interaction occurs with phenolic hydrogen as all the phenolic hydroxyl groups have identical Vs,max values. Energy decomposition analysis shows that the dispersion contribution was minimal in these complexes, while electrostatic and orbital contributions were larger. Complex formation between water and the resveratrol molecule results in a blue shift in the vibrational frequency, along with an increase in intensity due to the transfer of electron density. The hydrogen bonds in the resveratrol–water complexes have closed-shell interactions with a medium-to-strong bonding nature. Noncovalent index analysis of the complexes shows that, in addition to hydrogen bonding, electrostatic and van der Waal’s interactions play a key role in stabilizing the complexes.

Graphical abstract

Noncovalent index analysis showing that, in addition to hydrogen bonding, electrostatic and van der Waal’s interactions play a major role in stabilizing resveratrol-water complexes


Alkaloids DFT Extraction H-bonding Water 



N.S.V. thanks Science and Engineering Research Board-Department of Science and Technology (SERB-DST), India for funding through a project (EMR-II-SB/S1/PC-047/2013).

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  1. 1.Department of Chemistry, School of Chemical and Biotechnology (SCBT)SASTRA Deemed to be UniversityThanjavurIndia
  2. 2.Research Center for Structural MaterialsNational Institute for Materials Science (NIMS)TsukubaJapan
  3. 3.New Industry Creation Hatchery CenterTohoku UniversitySendaiJapan

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