Requirements Engineering

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Editorial special issue RE 2017

  • Jane HayesEmail author
  • Barbara PaechEmail author

This special issue of the Requirements Engineering Journal (REJ) spotlights top papers from the 25th IEEE Requirements Engineering Conference (RE 2017), extended to journal length. There is a long-standing tradition of the REJ to invite authors of the best papers from the RE conference to prepare journal length papers to reach a wide readership. It is our honor, as RE 2017 Program Co-Chairs, to introduce these papers.

RE 2017 was held in Lisbon, Portugal, from September 4 to 8, 2017, hosted by General Co-Chairs Ana Moreira and Joao Araujo from Universidade Nova de Lisboa. Highlights of the conference included keynotes by Ian Sommerville, Betty Cheng, and Romana Oehmig; presentations of 27 papers in the research track; 11 papers in the industry track; 11 papers in the RE@Next! track; 5 papers in the Silver Jubilee track; and 5 papers in the Data track. Michael Panis and Walid Maalej were program chairs for the industry track, Jaelson Castro and Pete Sawyer were program chairs for the...

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