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Bruno S. Frey: Economics of happiness. Springer Briefs in Economics

Springer, Heidelberg, 2018, 75 pp Softcover, 53,49€
  • Devrim DumludagEmail author
Book Review

Should politicians maximize happiness? How can governments contribute to the population’s happiness? Are people in rich countries happier than those living elsewhere? Does losing one’s job make one unhappy? Does spending a large number of hours on the Internet make people less happy? These striking questions are discussed by Bruno Frey, one of the leading and most productive scholars in the happiness and economics field in his Economics of Happiness (2018).

Frey’s new book is part of the series Springer Briefs in Economics which aim to present concise summaries of cutting-edge research and practical applications across a wide range of fields. The book, in line with the aim of the series, presents the core concepts without getting deep into details and without exhibiting too many references, it is easy to read and aims to bring critical concerns into question, such as the role of governments and firms in maximizing happiness, the use of happiness pills, the effect of watching T.V and...


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