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Rodrik, Dani: Straight talk on trade: ideas for a sane world economy

Princeton University Press, Princeton, NJ, USA, 2017, 336 pp, Hardcover, $29.95
  • Enrico ColombattoEmail author
Book Review

In this rather long book, Professor Rodrik puts together a number of essays he published from mid-2010 to mid-2017. Despite the title, the volume actually covers a broad set of issues related to globalization: the dangers of harmonized global governance, the future of the European Union, the growth prospects for the undeveloped countries, income inequalities, the role of domestic policy-making and of the nation state, the limits of technocratic rule making and, more generally, the need for more and better government intervention.

In order to put Rodrik’s book in perspective, it may be useful to recall that the economics profession presents three different views on globalization. One is the Austrian approach, which welcomes globalization since it enhances one’s freedom to choose. A second approach characterises the neoclassical tradition, which has qualified praise for the spontaneous market process, and believes that suitable regulatory intervention by a possibly omniscient technocrat...

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