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Publisher Correction: Low level equilibrium trap, unemployment, efficiency of education system, child labour and human capital formation

  • Kamalika ChakrabortyEmail author
  • Bidisha Chakraborty
Publisher Correction

1 Correction to: J Econ

In the original version of the article, equation 4 and the first equation in the Appendix section have been incorrectly published. The correct equations are given below:
$$\begin{aligned} \hbox {U}_{\mathrm{t}}= & {} {\upbeta }_{1} \ln (\hbox {c}_{\mathrm{t}}-\underline{\hbox {c}}) + {\upbeta }_{2} \ln [\hbox {f} {\updelta }(\hbox {bs}_{\mathrm{t}}\hbox {h}_{\mathrm{t}}+\underline{\hbox {h}}) + (1-\hbox {f}) \hbox {A}] \quad \hbox {if } \hbox {c}_{\mathrm{t}}\ge \underline{\hbox {c}}\nonumber \\= & {} - \infty \,\hbox { otherwise;} \end{aligned}$$
$$\begin{aligned} \hbox {Z}= & {} {\upbeta }_{1} \ln (\hbox {c}_{\mathrm{t}}-\underline{\hbox {c}}) + {\upbeta }_{2} \ln [\hbox {f}{\updelta }(\hbox {bs}_{\mathrm{t}}\hbox {h}_{\mathrm{t}}+\underline{\hbox {h}}) + (1-\hbox {f}) \hbox {A}] + {\uplambda } [\hbox {A} + \hbox {A}\upvarphi (1-\hbox {s}_{\mathrm{t}} )\\&-\,\hbox {p}_{\mathrm{c}} \hbox {c}_{\mathrm{t}}]+\uptheta (\hbox {c}_{\mathrm{t}}-\underline{\hbox {c}}), \end{aligned}$$
where \({\uplambda }\) is the Lagrange multiplier.

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