Transition of regular wave fronts to irregular wave fronts in gravity-driven thin films over topography

  • Markus DauthEmail author
  • Nuri Aksel
Original Paper


This article contributes to an understanding of the pathway from regular to chaotic traveling wave fronts over periodically undulated inclines in thin films. In order to investigate the transition from regular to chaotic waves, we used various undulation forms and varied the Reynolds number and the inclination angle in the measurements. Thereby, we revealed the first partially chaotic waves on a gravity-driven thin film channel flow. The wave is subdivided into: (i) the chaotic wave front and (ii) a regular wave tail. The area of the chaotic part can be increased by increasing the inertia of the system. Various phenomena on the flow were revealed: (a) bubble formation, (b) fingering, (c) splashes, and (d) pinch-offs. Our investigation leads to the conclusion that wave breaking over obstacles is a necessary condition for the transition from regular to chaotic wave fronts.



The authors acknowledge Stephan Eißner for his help in carrying out parts of the experiments. Furthermore, we want to thank Mario Schörner for the helpful discussions.

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