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Nonlocal analytical solution of functionally graded multilayered one-dimensional hexagonal piezoelectric quasicrystal nanoplates

  • Li Zhang
  • Junhong GuoEmail author
  • Yongming Xing
Original Paper


Based on the nonlocal elasticity theory, the static bending deformation of a functionally graded multilayered one-dimensional (1D) hexagonal piezoelectric quasicrystal (PQC) simply supported nanoplate is investigated under surface mechanical loadings. The functionally graded material is assumed to be exponential along the thickness direction. By utilizing the pseudo-Stroh formalism and propagator matrix method, exact closed-form solutions of functionally graded multilayered 1D hexagonal PQC nanoplates are then obtained by assuming that the layer interfaces are perfectly contacted. Numerical examples for six kinds of sandwich functionally graded nanoplates made up of piezoelectric crystals, quasicrystal and PQC are presented to illustrate the influence of the exponential factor, nonlocal parameter and stacking sequence on the phonon, phason and electric fields, which play an important role in designing new composite structures in engineering.



This work was supported by the National Natural Science Foundation of China (Grant Nos. 11862021, 11502123, 11262012, 11762013) and the Natural Science Foundation of Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region of China (Grant No. 2015JQ01).


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