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Molecular characterization of two previously undescribed begomovirus-associated alphasatellite molecules infecting malvaceous species in Cameroon


Two begomovirus-associated alphasatellites were isolated from okra and a malvastrum plant (Malvaceae) in Cameroon. The complete nucleotide sequences of the okra- and malvastrum-infecting alphasatellites were 1375 and 1416–1418 nucleotides, respectively, and both exhibited features characteristic of other alphasatellites. Based on pairwise sequence comparisons, these previously undescribed alphasatellites are members of distinct species in the genera Colecusatellite and Gosmusatellite and have been tentatively named “pepper yellow vein Mali alphasatellite” and “cotton leaf curl Gezira alphasatellite3”, respectively. Taken together with previous studies, alphasatellites endemic to Cameroon appear to be more diverse and infect plants of many more species and families than currently recognized.

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This research was supported by the following organizations or foundations to which we express our sincere gratitude: a grant to WN Leke from the International Foundation of Science; Rothamsted International-African Fellows program; The Swedish Institute; USAID IPM-CRSP Insect-transmitted viruses-Global Theme Project, and The Nilsson-Ehle Foundation, Sweden.

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