Evaluation of the TRMM rainfall product accuracy over the central Mediterranean during a 20-year period (1998–2017)

  • Stavros KoliosEmail author
  • Anastasios Kalimeris
Original Paper


This study presents the first comprehensive evaluation of the performance of the monthly TRMM rainfall product (3B43-v7) in capturing the rainfall patterns, on the geographic area of the central Mediterranean during the period 1998–2017. Monthly rainfall data from a network of ground-based stations were used to compute a series of spatiotemporal evaluation statistics for the satellite measurement accuracy. These statistics showed a satisfactory accuracy of the examined satellite products in capturing seasonal and annual rainfall patterns, having rather high correlation coefficients (0.75 to 0.96). Nevertheless, a slight overestimation of the rainfall values (with a mean value lower than 15 mm) implied by the TRMM was found at seasonal basis with the exception of winter when a small underestimation (with a mean value amounting to 8 mm) was detected. The overestimation tendency was mainly detected over the northern and the western parts of the studied domain, where the effect of the earth surface altitude seems to be important. An underestimation tendency prevails over the marine regions and seems to be associated with the rain rate (in the sense that heavy rainfall episodes are underestimated more). The overall biases of the TRMM rainfall product in respect to the control ground-based station sample found to be within ± 0.2 of the local rainfall standard deviation and nonstatistically significant almost in half of the cases in all seasons except winter. The possible causes of the detected diversity of the seasonal error statistics behavior were further explored and discussed.


Central Mediterranean Rainfall evaluation Ground-based measurements TRMM product 



The authors would like to express special thanks to the anonymous reviewers for their constructive comments that helped to improve the completeness and clarity of the article. The availability of the ground stations data from the European Climate Assessment & Dataset (ECA&D) as well as the satellite data products of the TRMM satellite joint mission between NASA and the Japan Aerospace Exploration (JAXA) is appreciated by the authors.


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