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Spatial distribution of the daily rainfall concentration index in Argentina: comparison with other countries

  • María Paula LlanoEmail author
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The precipitation is a meteorological variable studied in Argentina mainly in annual, seasonal and monthly scales. Its variability is a significant climate element and also a critical socioeconomic factor. This study aims to contribute to the knowledge of daily rainfall in Argentina. Daily records of precipitation for 66 stations provided by the Servicio Meteorológico Nacional are used (period 1991–2014). The spatial distribution of the annual precipitation presents an east-west gradient in the north of the country. In monthly scale, there are different precipitation distributions such as a double maximum in the centre–east zone or a single maximum in the northwest in summer time and in the southern Andes range during the winter. To carry out the study, the concentration index (CI) of daily precipitation with a resolution of 1 mm is used. Precipitation in Argentina, given its vast territory, presents a great variability with a wide range of rainfall regimes; CI values are found between 0.54 and 0.68. These values are categorized as high (greater than 0.61) and low (less than 0.58). The north of the country and the Atlantic coast show the highest CI values. The lower values are present in the Andes range and in the south of the country. The results are compared with other studies in the world.


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I thank anonymous referees for their valuable comments and critical reading of the article. Support for this research was provided by the following Grants: Universidad de Buenos Aires 2002130300014BA and Consejo Nacional de Investigaciones Científicas y Técnicas PIP 112-201-301-00806. I would like to thank Pablo Leal and Estela Berliner Blau for their technical assistance.


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