What is the advantage of using sodium fluorescein during resection of peripheral nerve tumors?

  • Ignazio G. VetranoEmail author
  • Vittoria Nazzi
  • Francesco Acerbi
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Dear Editor,

We pleasantly read the paper by Kalamarides et al. entitled “Extracapsular dissection in peripheral nerve schwannoma surgery using bright light and fluorescein sodium visualization: case series,” recently published in Acta Neurochirurgica [6]. The authors, whose extensive experiences on the management of neurofibromatosis patients is well known [5], present a surgical series of 4 consecutive patients harboring a total of 5 schwannomas, which received intravenous sodium fluorescein (SF) at the dose of 0.5 mg/kg during anesthesia induction. They analyzed the consequent tumor fluorescence patterns during each phase of the surgical procedures and then retrospectively compared the results with a post-hoc video analysis based on specific software. In this series, author judged useful SF to identify intracapsular fascicles only in one case. Moreover, despite the different fluorescence pattern between tumor and pseudocapsule, the authors found this difference superimposable to...


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Dr. Acerbi received honoraria from the Carl Zeiss Meditec Company for lectures at international meetings.


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