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Walter C. Jean: Skull Base Surgery: Strategies

Thieme Publishers New York/Stuttgart, 2019, 455 pp. 505 illustrations Hardback, ISBN: 9781626239579
  • A. Samy YoussefEmail author
  • Akal Sethi
Book Review

Skull base surgery has had an enormous impact in the technological revolution of medicine. The augmentation of the scope of knowledge within the field of neurosurgery has made the methodology more complex.

Microsurgery is no longer the only treatment choice for complex brain pathologies. The evolution of endoscopic endonasal skull base approaches and the continuous advances in radiotherapy enhanced surgeons’ ability to “do no harm”, and there has been a paradigm shift in skull base surgery from aggressive surgical resection at all cost, to maximum functional preservation. Devising an optimum treatment strategy for complex brain pathologies has become a challenging enterprise and hence the need for a modern comprehensive skull base guide.

Thieme has recently published Skull Base Surgery: Strategies, an important step toward developing a comprehensive management thought process inclusive of all available treatment tools. The book handles each skull base approach with a novel insight. A...


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