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Influence of pregnancy on glioma patients

  • Marie-Therese ForsterEmail author
  • Peter Baumgarten
  • Florian Gessler
  • Gabriele Maurer
  • Christian Senft
  • Elke Hattingen
  • Volker Seifert
  • Patrick N. Harter
  • Kea Franz
Original Article - Brain Tumors
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Data about the influence of pregnancy on progression-free survival and overall survival of glioma patients are sparse and controversial. We aimed at providing further evidence on this relation.


The course of 18 glioma patients giving birth to 23 children after tumor surgery was reviewed and compared to the course of 18 nulliparous female patients matched for tumor diagnosis including molecular markers, extent of resection, and tumor location.


Tumor pathology was astrocytoma, oligodendroglioma, and ependymoma in 9, 6, and 3 patients, respectively. Time interval between tumor resection and delivery was 5.3 ± 4.4 years. All newborns were healthy after uneventful deliveries. Tumor progression was diagnosed before pregnancy in 4 patients and during pregnancy in 1 patient, and 4 patients displayed progressive disease 31.0 ± 11 months after delivery. Three of these latter patients underwent second surgery, whereas resection of recurrent tumor had been performed in 2 women before pregnancy. Among nulliparous patients, 9 women suffered from tumor progression, resulting in re-operation in 7 patients and/or further adjuvant treatment in 6 cases. Progression-free survival did not differ between patients with and patients without children (p = 0.4). Moreover, in both groups, median overall survival was not reached after a mean follow-up period of 9.7 ± 5.7 years in glioma patients who gave birth to a child and 8.9 ± 4.2 years in nulliparous glioma patients.


Pregnancy does not seem to influence the clinical course of glioma patients. Likewise, glioma seems not to have an impact on delivered children’s health.


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The authors thank Prof. Dr. Eva Herrmann for her help with statistics.

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