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Robotic implantation of deep brain stimulation leads, assisted by intra-operative, flat-panel CT

  • M. LefrancEmail author
  • D. Le Gars
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There are two mandatory skills in deep brain stimulation (DBS) neurosurgery: accuracy and control.


Frame-based robotic registration was performed. Prior to insertion into the skull, the guide tube’s position was checked with flat-panel computed tomography (fpCT). After registration against the pre-operative plan, we measured and corrected the robotic arm’s position so that the guide tube with the micro-electrode would follow the planned trajectory exactly. We then used fpCT again to check the DBS lead’s final position.


The combination of intra-operative fpCT with robotised surgery provides an appropriate, user-friendly solution to the key technical challenges in DBS lead implantation.


Deep brain stimulation surgery Flat-panel computed tomography Robotised stereotactic assistance 



The authors wish to thank their colleagues involved in DBS surgery: P. Krystkowiak, C. Duru, P. Merle and J.-M. Macron.

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  1. 1.Neurosurgery DepartmentAmiens University HospitalAmiens cedex 1France

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