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An electrochemical thrombin aptasensor based on the use of graphite-like C3N4 modified with silver nanoparticles

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An electrochemical aptasensor for thrombin is introduced that makes use of a nanohybrid composed of silver nanoparticles and graphite-like carbon nitride (Ag-g-C3N4). The material has a large surface and good biocompatibility. AgNPs are modified directly on the surface of g-C3N4 via chemical reduction. A glass carbon electrode (GCE) modified with Ag-g-C3N4 can immobilize a large number of amino-terminated thrombin binding aptamers (NH2-TBA) through strong Ag-N bonds. The electrochemical impedance signal of the aptasensor increases in the presence of thrombin. Under the optimal conditions and by using [Fe(CN)6]3−/4- as an electrochemical probe, the aptasensor shows a wide linear range of 100 fM – 20 nM with a lower detection limit of 38 fM. The method was applied to the determination of thrombin in spiked human plasma and the recoveries fluctuated from 97.2% to 103%.

Schematic representation of an electrochemical aptasensor using graphite-like carbon nitride (C3N4) modified with silver nanoparticles as electrode substrate for thrombin (TB) detection.

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This work acknowledges support from Natural Science Foundation of Jilin Province (No. 20180101195JC).

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