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Visualization and colorimetric determination of clenbuterol in pork by using magnetic beads modified with aptamer and complementary DNA as capture probes, and G-quadruplex/hemin and DNA antibody on the metal-organic framework MIL-101(Fe) acting as a peroxidase mimic

  • Yuandong Zhang
  • Hong-Xia RenEmail author
  • Yang-Bao Miao
Original Paper


A visualization strategy is described for the detection of clenbuterol (CLB). It is using of antibody against dsDNA and G-quadruplex/hemin labeled on a metal organic framework of type MIL-101(Fe) (G-quadruplex/hemin-anti-DNA/MIL-101) acting as a peroxidase mimetic, and magnetic beads modified with aptamer and complementary DNA (MB/Apt-cDNA) as capture probes. The detection reagent was prepared via the reactions between the double stranded DNA (Apt-cDNA) in capture probes and anti-DNA in peroxidase mimetic. In the presence of CLB, the aptamer on the magnetic beads preferentially binds CLB, and the peroxidase mimetic is released to the supernatant after magnetic separation. The released peroxidase mimetic can catalyze the TMB/H2O2 chromogenic system under mild conditions. This leads to the development of a blue-green coloration whose absorbance is measured at 650 nm. The detection limit is as low as 34 fM of CLB. The method was applied to the determination of CLB in pork samples and gave results that were consistent with data obtained with an ELISA kit.

Graphical abstract

A visualization strategy is described for the detection of clenbuterol. The selectivity of detection system for clenbuterol is excellent compared with other interferents. The method was applied to the determination of CLB in pork samples.


Visualization strategy Aptamer, peroxidase mimic Metal–organic framework Clenbuterol 



We acknowledge financial support from State Administration of Traditional Chinese Medicine of Guizhou Province (Contract No. QZYY-2018-094), the Natural Science Foundation of Guizhou, China (No.2019-1329) and the Doctoral Program of Zunyi Medical University (Contract No.F-869).

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  1. 1.School of PharmacyZunyi Medical UniversityGuizhouChina
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