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Simultaneous voltammetric determination of guanine and adenine using MnO2 nanosheets and ionic liquid-functionalized graphene combined with a permeation-selective polydopamine membrane

  • Shuang Zhang
  • Xuming ZhuangEmail author
  • Dandan Chen
  • Feng Luan
  • Tao HeEmail author
  • Chunyuan Tian
  • Lingxin ChenEmail author
Original Paper


Guanine and adenine in blood samples can be detected by using an electrochemical sensor based on the use of manganese dioxide (MnO2) nanosheets and ionic liquid functionalized graphene (IL-GR) bound to a polydopamine (PDA) membrane. Both guanine and adenine undergo a redox reaction on the surface of the modified electrode. Cyclic voltammetry and differential pulse voltammetry were used to evaluate the electrochemical behavior of a glassy carbon electrode (GCE) modified with PDA/MnO2/IL-GR. The sensor allows for individual as well as simultaneous determination of guanine and adenine. The working voltage of differential pulse voltammetry at which data were acquired to establish the calibration plot: 0.6–1.2 V for guanine, 0.8–1.4 V for adenine, 0.4–1.4 V for mixture of guanine and adenine. A wide detection range (10–300 μM), low detection limits (guanine: 0.25 μM; adenine: 0.15 μM), selectivity and reproducibility are demonstrated. The modified GCE was successfully applied to the analysis of guanine and adenine in spiked fetal bovine serum and mouse whole blood samples.

Graphical abstract

An electrochemical sensor is presented for the determination of guanine (G) and adenine (A) based on MnO2 nanosheets, ionic liquid functionalized graphene (IL-graphene) and polydopamine membrane.


Electrochemical Nanocomposites Sensor Guanine Adenine Fetal bovine serum Mouse whole blood 



This work was financially supported by the National Natural Science Foundation of China (21778047, 21675138), and the Department of Science and Technology of Shandong Province of China (No. 2018GSF116011, GG201709290055) and of Yantai City of China (No. 2017ZH093).

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There are no conflicts to declare.

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  1. 1.College of Chemistry and Chemical EngineeringYantai UniversityYantaiChina
  2. 2.CAS Key Laboratory of Coastal Environmental Processes and Ecological Remediation, Yantai Institute of Coastal Zone ResearchChinese Academy of SciencesYantaiChina

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