Mechanical Evolution Mechanism of Coal and Gas Outburst

  • Huihui Liu
  • Baiquan LinEmail author
  • Junhui Mou
  • Wei Yang
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Coal and gas outburst is one of the main disasters associated with deep coal mines (Chen and Cheng 2015; Zhou et al. 2017). When a coal and gas outburst occurs, large quantities of coal and gas are ejected into the space around the mining face in a few or tens of seconds (Lama and Bodziony 1998; Tang et al. 2016). They can not only damage equipment in roadways and ventilation systems, but also stifle and bury workers (Zhai et al. 2016). Moreover, they may result in more serious disasters, including coal dust and gas explosions (Zhu and Lin 2015).

Scholars have conducted many studies on coal and gas outburst from various perspectives. The former Soviet Union scholar Hudot (1966) put forward the energy hypothesis of coal and gas outburst, noting that coal and gas outburst was caused by the deformation potential of coal and the internal energy of gas. Khodot and Kogan (1979) revealed that the ground stress and gas pressure provided power for the outburst, while the coal’s...


Coal and gas outburst Coal crushing Coal matrix block instability Coal matrix block pulverization 

List of Symbols

\({\sigma _{\text{m}}}\)

Stress of coal matrix

\({\varepsilon _{\text{m}}}\)

Volumetric strain of coal matrix

\(\varepsilon _{{\text{m}}}^{{\text{c}}}\)

Stress-induced volumetric strain of coal matrix

\(\varepsilon _{{\text{m}}}^{{\text{s}}}\)

Sorption-induced volumetric strain of coal matrix

\(\varepsilon _{{\text{b}}}^{{\text{c}}}\)

Stress-induced volumetric strain of bulk coal

\(\varepsilon _{{\text{f}}}^{{\text{c}}}\)

Stress-induced volumetric strain of fracture

\(\varepsilon _{{\text{b}}}^{{\text{s}}}\)

Sorption-induced volumetric strain of bulk coal

\({\varepsilon _{\text{L}}}\)

Langmuir volumetric strain


Volume of bulk coal


Volume of coal matrix


Volume of fracture




Langmuir pressure


Matrix pore gas pressure


Fracture gas pressure


Atmospheric pressure


Confining pressure

\({\sigma _{ii}}\left( {i\,=\,x,y,z} \right)\)


\({\sigma _{{\text{ss}}}}\)

Sorption-induced stress


Bulk compressibility coefficients


Fracture compressibility coefficients


Coal matrix compressibility coefficient


Elastic modulus of coal matrix

\({\mu _{\text{m}}}\)

Poisson’s ratio of coal matrix


Atomic distance


Fracture toughness


Initial length of coal pores





This work was supported by the Fundamental Research Funds for the Central Universities (2015XKMS003).


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