Few-Body Systems

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Experimental Approach to Three-Nucleon Forces via Few-Nucleon Scattering

  • Kimiko SekiguchiEmail author
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Few-nucleon scattering offers a good opportunities to study dynamical aspects of three-nucleon forces that are momentum, spin and iso-spin dependent. In this paper experimental results of deuteron–proton elastic scattering are presented. The data are compared with state-of-the art theoretical predictions based on realistic bare nuclear potentials. Recently, our experimental study has been extended to proton–\(^3\mathrm{He}\) scattering in which the isospin \(T=3/2\) channel in 3NFs could be investigated.



The author would like to thank the collaborators on the experiments performed at RIKEN RI Beam Factory, RCNP Osaka University, and CYRIC Tohoku University. She is also grateful to the strong supports from the theorists, H. Witała, W. Glöckle, H. Kamada, J. Golak, A. Nogga, R. Skibiński, P. U. Sauer, A. Deltuva, and A. C. Fonseca.


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