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Intracorporeal overlap gastro-gastrostomy for solo single-incision pylorus-preserving gastrectomy in early gastric cancer

  • So Hyun Kang
  • Yo-Seok Cho
  • Sa-Hong Min
  • Young Suk Park
  • Sang-Hoon AhnEmail author
  • Joong Do Park
  • Hyung-Ho Kim
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This report discusses the technique of solo single-incision pylorus-preserving gastrectomy (SIPPG) for early gastric cancer. To overcome difficulties regarding lymph node dissection (LND), a scope holder and an energy device were used, allowing fine dissection in a fixed field of view. The overlap gastro-gastrostomy technique was used for anastomosis. Seventeen patients underwent solo SIPGG. The mean operation time was 150.1 ± 28.7 min, and no patients developed postoperative complications or delayed gastric emptying within 30 days of the operation. Using scope holders and performing fine dissection with the energy device, challenges regarding LND in SIPPG can be overcome. INTACT anastomosis was initially used; however, due to its inconsistency and the high degree of surgical skill required, it was changed to the overlap method. Solo SIPPG with overlap gastro-gastrostomy may be safe and feasible with good cosmetic results and fast patient recovery.


Stomach Stomach neoplasm Laparoscopic surgery 


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The authors declare no conflicts of interest in association with the present study.


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  2. 2.Department of SurgerySeoul National University College of MedicineSeoulSouth Korea

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