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Pneumonectomy after induction chemoradiotherapy for locally advanced non-small cell lung cancer: should curative intent pulmonary resection be avoided?

  • Masafumi YamaguchiEmail author
  • Shinichiro Shimamatsu
  • Makoto Edagawa
  • Fumihiko Hirai
  • Ryo Toyozawa
  • Kaname Nosaki
  • Takashi Seto
  • Mitsuhiro Takenoyama
  • Yukito Ichinose
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We conducted a retrospective analysis to assess the practicality of pneumonectomy, especially after concurrent induction chemoradiotherapy (i-CRT), for locally advanced non-small cell lung cancer (LA-NSCLC). The operative risks vs. the survival benefit of this procedure for such patients is a subject of controversy.


The subjects of this retrospective study were 71 consecutive LA-NSCLC patients with cStage IIIA-C NSCLC, who underwent i-CRT followed by curative intent pulmonary resection between February, 2001 and March, 2013.


Thirty-two patients underwent pneumonectomy (group P) and 39 patients underwent lobectomy (group L). In group P, 17 (54.8%) patients underwent right pneumonectomy. There was no 30-day postoperative mortality in either group and no significant difference in 90-day postoperative mortality between the groups (3.1% vs. 2.6% in groups P and L, respectively). The 5-year overall survival (OS) rate was 58.7% (95% CI: 41.5–75.9%) in group P and 57.3% (95% CI 41.2–73.4%) in group L, without a significant difference between the groups.


Our findings suggest that i-CRT followed by pneumonectomy is feasible, with a similar survival benefit to lobectomy. Thus, pneumonectomy after i-CRT should not be avoided as it is a potentially curative intent strategy for carefully selected patients.


Locally advanced non-small cell lung cancer Induction chemoradiotherapy Pneumonectomy 



This study received no funding.

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Masafumi Yamaguchi: No conflict of interest. Shinichiro Shimamatsu: No conflict of interest. Makoto Edagawa: No conflict of interest. Fumihiko Hirai: No conflict of interest. Ryo Toyozawa: No conflict of interest. Kaname Nosaki: No conflict of interest. Takashi Seto: Received honoraria (lecture fees) from AstraZeneca, Eli Lilly Japan and Ono Pharmaceutical. Received research grants from Astellas Pharma, AstraZeneca, Chugai Pharmaceutical, Daiichi Sankyo, Eli Lilly Japan, Merck Serono, Nippon Boehringer Ingelheim, Novartis Pharma and Pfizer Japan. Mitsuhiro Takenoyama: Received research grants from Eli Lilly Japan and Ono Pharmaceutical. Yukito Ichinose: No conflict of interest.


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  • Shinichiro Shimamatsu
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  • Makoto Edagawa
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  • Fumihiko Hirai
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  • Ryo Toyozawa
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  • Kaname Nosaki
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  • Takashi Seto
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  • Mitsuhiro Takenoyama
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  • Yukito Ichinose
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  1. 1.Department of Thoracic OncologyNational Kyushu Cancer CenterFukuoka CityJapan

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