Is patient satisfaction related to patient reported sounds from ceramic on ceramic total hip arthroplasty? A study of 265 hips

  • Jonathan A. BarrowEmail author
  • Hiren M. Divecha
  • Sunil Panchani
  • Richard Boden
  • Amol Chitre
  • Anil Gambhir
  • Martyn L. Porter
  • Tim N. Board
Original Article • HIP - ARTHROPLASTY



The ideal method and implant to perform total hip arthroplasty (THA) is still a debated topic. Ceramic on ceramic (CoC) bearings have favourable wear properties, but squeaking has been reported as an unwanted side effect. We aimed to determine the rate of noise generation from CoC hips and investigate whether there is a relationship with patient satisfaction.


A total of 246 consecutive CoC bearing uncemented THA were retrospectively identified in a single institution. Post-operatively patients were sent a postal questionnaire to evaluate their reported sounds and satisfaction with their THA. Uni- and multi-variate analyses were performed to identify potential predictor variables for reported post-operative sounds.


Questionnaires were returned by 172 patients (70% return rate). 24% reported sounds from their hips with 11% reporting a squeak. Median satisfaction levels were minimally, but significantly less for “noisy” (9/10) than “quiet” hips (10/10) (median difference = − 1, 95% CI − 2 to 0, p < 0.001). Compared to those with “noisy” hips, patients with “quiet” hips were 1.7 times (95% CI 1.3–2.5, p = 0.0002) more likely to report a “forgotten” hip. Younger age (p < 0.043) and increased anteversion (p < 0.021) were predictors for reported sounds.


We have identified a high rate of “noisy” hips in this series of CoC THA with a significant inverse relationship between “noisy” hips and patient satisfaction levels. In our unit, we are moving towards the use of ceramic on cross-linked polyethylene bearings as a result of these findings and the excellent survivorship of this bearing combination.


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