Unilateral uniplanar modular external fixator for percutaneous proximal femoral osteotomy in children: surgical technique

  • Valentino CoppaEmail author
  • Mario Marinelli
  • Nicola Specchia
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Varus derotation femoral osteotomy (VDFO) is a commonly used surgical procedure in association with pelvic osteotomy for dislocated hip in developmental hip dysplasia. Several types of internal fixation devices were described in the literature, but none of them showed a superiority or a lower rate of complication over the others. Different types of external fixator were also described for proximal osteotomy fixation with good results. We describe the surgical technique of the VDFO using a modular external fixator with an illustrative case.


Congenital hip dysplasia Developmental hip dislocation External fixator External fixation device Femoral osteotomy 


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